Siarch Ecosystems

It was born as a response to the needs of researchers in any area regarding the structuring and analysis of the data of their work, such as the projection, publication and transfer of knowledge to any type of public.

Content in a dynamic digital framework is not in itself a novel idea. Yes, it is its social use among research teams and its projection through publication in the network of members of the working group (Webs, APPs, Museums, etc.)

However, the current emphasis on STEM-based studies (Science, Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics) is fostering a new wave of historical interpretation. Siarch’s capabilities to connect people in databases with other components such as GPS coordinates, images, digital reconstructions and 3D,  makes it a perfect ally for the creation of Multimodal Sites, anticipating the trend of this type of capabilities that from administrations Public as educational institutions are embracing.

Cognitive tools, data analysis, and dynamic query methods serve as help guides and wizards for users as they navigate the collection and the site as a whole.

While professional academics are sure to find this database valuable, the site was designed with the general public as its primary audience.

For example, Arcavian (SIARCH ECOSYSTEM parameterized for the USFSP)can combine data from the People and Maps sections of the portal, allowing users to explore the nature of the property at 1764 St. Augustine, or highlight the many properties they are owned by free blacks and women.

This example is interesting since is a showcase where to publish all the content that is investigated and related to SIARCH technology, through API, it becomes accessible to all users by connecting to WEB, APPS or any connected device like projectors, screens and kiosks in museums.

To increase access to these historical records, the SIARCH technical team uses a two-part application programming interface (API).

The first part focuses on authentication and authorization, according to the OAUTH 2.0 standard. The security and flexibility of this standard, as well as the implementation that we have carried out at SIARCH, gives clients like La Florida the opportunity to collaborate with academics around the world while granting access to these documents to a wide public audience.

All this controlling the authorization to the information that is given to each one of the collaborators

The powerful API enables the research platform to communicate with a variety of digital systems and devices, further increasing public accessibility.

To accommodate the complexity of nonlinear data, the API follows
a representational state transfer (REST) architectural style, ensuring vertical
and horizontal scalability
. REST reduces the complexity of the connector
semantics. In addition, it allows the distribution and visualization
of material from relational and non-relational
data base sin dynamic infographics.

Why should you use it?

As we have seen, the capabilities that Siarch has are unlimited, the main benefits that the ecosystem has are


This means that it is easy to create research groups, investigations and open collaborations regardless of the location where the researcher is.


Each of the data recorded in the dynamic
databases of siarch, can be linked by means of
relationships, this allows that in the research
platform and in the devices and published
sites that are connected to the system.


Time optimization, by making use of cognitive assistants, the system self-complements the common data in the investigations, saving the valuable time of the researcher that can be dedicated to delving into studies or other tasks of the team or company.


Connected Museography, being able to
connect museums and collections to research
makes a publication immediate and the
museum or collection has always up-to-date
information, this opens a business model for
companies that embrace Siarch, as they can
create consumer licenses for membership
information and plans.

Private cloud

Private Cloud AWS, Siarch makes a highly secure private cloud available, regardless of whether the system can be installed on a local server, being in its own cloud as AWS services (Amazon Web Services), guarantees integrity and availability 24×7 system and data.


It is always in constant evolution, working with institutions like USFSP in a project like La Florida, Digital Archive and Interactive of the Americas, make the viability of the ecosystem through new improvements and new technologies exponential, something that directly affects the successive versions that we are launching.

Movie Industrie

Offering structured access to research, allows screenwriters, art directors and illustrators to work more efficiently, making the production company more profitable by saving research time, travel and subsistence.


Tourism, Siarch, is compatible with Dynamic Tours, a global platform aimed at creating tourist routes in Indoor and Outdoor spaces. Allowing the creation of experiences through the use of all the content stored in Siarch (3D Objects, AR, VR, Videos, Soundscapes, Audioguides, Images, etc).


Time optimization, by making use of cognitive assistants, the system self-complements the common data in the investigations, saving the valuable time of the researcher that can be dedicated to delving into studies or other tasks of the team or company.

Advantages of API REST


This protocol stands out for its scalability. Thanks to the separation between the client and the server, the product can be scaled to the needs of the client’s demand.


Due to the complete separation between the client and the server, the protocol facilitates that the developments of the different parts of a project can take place completely independently. In addition to this, our REST API by strictly following this universal standard protocol, can be consumed at any time in any type of programming language.

Proposal for

Given the characteristics and capabilities of our technologies, we want to propose to the St Augustine Lighthouse the integration of SIARCH in its Research and Musealization Systems.

St Augustine Lighthouse, is the perfect strategic partner for the implementation
of what would be one of the first connected and social archaeological
research platform, compatible with other solutions from
our clients such as La Florida or the USFSP.