It is an electric vehicle whose power is generated by solar panels on the roof and by the pedaling of its occupants and stored in the battery to be available when needed . This vehicle should not exceed 11 km / h to meet bylaw that allows circulation through pedestrian walkways . The appearance of the vehicle will be very careful to be the first prototype vehicle nineteenth century is striking for its picturesque and attractive appearance. The vehicle will have 4 seats and can be ordered with or without driver .Tourists can choose from several predefined profiles , tourism trends , leisure -theater dining or if you wish , you can make a questionnaire to design their visits according to their own priorities . You can also make the visit freely without following any predetermined route . The vehicle incorporates two Tablet to guide the vehicle and does not need maps. The Tablet has internet and GPS locator also has designed an application for tablets that contain guides and routes established by local experts through the key points of each city according to the typical profiles. The application indicates the optimal route for visiting adjusting to time rental.

The system provides a call-center so that the customer may be contacted through the application of the vehicle so that if tourists have any questions or difficulties may be performed at the right time. A very interesting feature is introduced advertising into the application. Shops, restaurants, museums, etc. Area may carry out targeted ads based on the characteristics of the target audience you want to reach. With the profile selected by the customer or survey before using the vehicle can discriminate who will show what kind products via advertising and since we have data, messages are carried in a personalized way, approaching the customer by name, creating a greater impact on memory and a greater sense of care and proximity, thus increasing their loyalty. In addition, any time a customer can answer ads, establish communication with the landmark so that it canreport products, to book restaurants, theaters and all those establishments that are within the system.

Therefore and summarizing the main business lines planned they are:-Electric and pedal with integrated tablet able to provide transportation and personalized guide tourists around town, feeling of safety in a vehicle for them to unknown destination.-Sale of advertising space vehicle that has a direct impact on the picturesque appearance of the vehicle between citizens and tourists walk around the city.-Selling advertising through the application provided to shops, restaurants and museums, consisting of a communication platform with the application running on tablets. This tool allows merchants to send advertising customers selecting, filtering their tastes and interests, offering them right at the time that suits them, thanks to the GPS locator includes system.-Holiday tourists distributing tablets via hotels and agencies and directly.

We want to have some car float in each city. We would like to substitute the traditional ways with cycles o the old fashion carriage we could find in the south of Spain. Out vehicle will have car park near the most important places in order to be able of leave the vehicle park while tourist visit the place. Tourist could drive this car from the bus station, port to their hotel without needing a taxy or just to go to any interesting place.